The oral cavity as an ecosystem: balance is key

Diseases in the oral cavity are a frequent and extensive problem among the population. These diseases include caries and periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium), or the preliminary stage gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). The diseases mentioned are of a microbial origin and occur when the oral bacterial flora becomes unbalanced.

In modern dentistry, there are many ways to prevent these diseases. Antibacterial treatments, such as with CHX, were preferred in the past, however they showed that long-term application can lead to resistance and then subsequent infections. Biomimetic approaches use natural enzymes that occur in the saliva and anti-adhesive strategies. The bacteria that trigger diseases are tackled but the balance is not restored. Hydroxyapatite reduces the adhesion of bacteria to the surface of the tooth and is therefore the ideal substance to maintain the oral ecological balance.

The publication of the study can be found here.