Dental care

Structure of the human tooth

The tooth is the hardest substance of the human body. Here you can find an overview of its structure and composition.

What is caries and how does caries occur?

Dental caries is a disease that has affected almost everyone. Find out here all about caries and their causes.

Caries prevention with hydroxyapatite

Karex is the innovative toothpaste that uses hydroxyapatite to prevent caries. Find out here how it works!

Saliva - composition & tasks

A clinical study proves the good efficacy of hydroxyapatite against caries. Find out more here!

Causes of dry mouth & reduction of saliva

Saliva is a complex fluid in the oral cavity of the human body. Find out more about its composition & its tasks.

Is fluoride beneficial or detrimental to our health?

Whether fluoride is beneficial or detrimental to our health is still the subject of great controversy. You can find detailed information about this topic here!