• Dental care babies & children

Dental care babies & children

Karies bei Kindern und Babys

Caries in children and babies

Almost every second child in first grade has or has had tooth decay. Read more about caries, how to recognise it quickly and how you can best prevent the proverbial hole in the tooth.


Tooth brushing technique

Regular dental care is important for children from the first tooth. With the right brushing technique, no tooth can be forgotten. Here you will find helpful tips on dental care for children.

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Encourage tooth brushing

Brushing teeth with children is not easy - but very important. How can children be encouraged to brush their teeth properly? Here you will learn various tricks to make brushing teeth fun for the toddlers.

Teething in babies

At 6 months, babies' first teeth erupt. Unfortunately, this process is often associated with pain for the toddlers. Here you can learn how to correctly interpret the signs of the first teeth and how to alleviate the pain.

When you should start brushing your baby’s teeth?

Proper tooth brushing is important from the first tooth and lays the foundation for healthy teeth throughout life. Find out how easy it is to care for your baby's teeth right from the start.

Children's toothbrush

Which toothbrush is the right one for children and babies? Here we tell you what you need to consider when buying the right brush and when it makes sense to use an electric toothbrush for children.

Visit to the dentist

When should children go to the dentist for the first time and what is the best way to prepare your child? Here you will find valuable tips for the first visit to the dentist with children.

Chalk teeth in children

Chalk teeth are a whole new challenge facing many parents and also dentists. A good 30% of 12-year-olds suffer from molar incisor hypomineralisation, or MIH for short. But what exactly are chalk teeth?

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Toothpaste ingredients and active substances

What are the ingredients in Kinder Karex toothpaste? Read more about hydroxyapatite as the active ingredient and the other ingredients of a children's toothpaste and their functions here.

Geöffneter, lächelnder Kindermund, bei dem die oberen Schneidezähne die weißen Fluorose-Flecken zeigen.

Fluorosis - causes and treatment

Unsightly white spots on the front teeth are called fluoroses. They are caused by too much fluoride intake, especially in childhood, but remain throughout life. Find out how you can protect your child.

Dental accident

It can happen quickly when playing, romping or doing sports: after a fall, a tooth wobbles, is displaced, broken or even knocked out. Find out what you need to do in case of a dental accident to save your child's tooth.

RDA value

In this article, you will learn what you need to consider when it comes to the RDA value of toothpaste and which values are suitable for which application purpose. In addition, you will get tips on which RDA value is recommended especially for children.

Caries with fixed braces

Caries very often develops in children who wear braces. This is because plaque is particularly difficult to remove around the brackets. Here you can find out which toothpaste is suitable for braces and prevents tooth decay at the same time.

Permanent dentition in children

When the first tooth starts to wiggle, it’s a big deal! This article describes what happens during this dentition period, the phases it passes through and what you should pay attention to when caring for the teeth of the so-called change of dentition.

Why does Kinder Karex not contain fluoride?

Kinder Karex contains the active ingredient BioHAP instead of fluoride. With the biomimetic active ingredient, even accidental swallowing of the toothpaste is safe for children. Learn more!