How to motivate children to brush their teeth?

Tips for parents & fun for kids for example with a brush your teeth song

The time comes at around six months – the first tooth starts to push through. Two to three years later, the milk teeth are usually all complete in small children and the first milk teeth start falling out already at primary school age. Nevertheless, the milk teeth have to be brushed thoroughly. Children need them to eat, to learn how to talk properly and as placeholders for the permanent teeth. Moreover, the risk of caries in the permanent teeth is higher if the milk teeth were already affected. But some children do not like brushing their teeth at all. From an early routine to brushing rhymes: Find out here how you can encourage your child to brush and how they can even enjoy this activity.

Motivating children to brush their teeth

Motivating children to brush their teeth

There are some tricks to help your little ones have fun while brushing. This way, you can ideally better motivate your child to brush their teeth – and the brushing monster is not the only help here:

Be a role model

Children naturally copy what their parents do. Parents can also use this to their benefit with brushing teeth. Brush your teeth together with your child and show them that it is the most normal thing in the world and that it is part of life. You must also remain consistent even if your child does not want to do it.

Develop routines

The earlier parents get their children used to a toothbrush, the more natural the daily ritual. But always make sure that you brush again even if this makes brushing time longer. Children can only brush their teeth properly without any help when they have mastered writing. Furthermore, brushing teeth can always be linked to a ritual, such as reading a story after brushing or playing with the brushing monster beforehand.

Let them choose their brush

A toothbrush chosen by the child itself is also more likely to be used. There are many models appropriate for children in a range of colours, with children's characters or animals. Every child can find something they like and won't be able to wait to use the brush. The articles on the right brushing technique will tell you more about the right brush for small children.

Reciting brushing rhymes & singing brushing songs

There are a number of brushing rhymes to motivate children to brush their teeth. Parents can also sing a brushing song to their child beforehand or simply play it when brushing. Make a ritual of brushing: Firstly sing the brushing song together and then brush their teeth. Brushing rhymes have a similar effect. This makes brushing fun – even for the really little ones.

Reading brushing stories

Similar to singing, you can also read your child a story about brushing teeth. The mini book "The Tooth Indians - The Secret of Toothpaste" [Original title: Die Zahnindianer - Das Geheimnis der Zahnpasta] published by Titus explains the recipe and mode of action of toothpaste in a child-friendly way. You can find numerous books and songs on this topic in bookstores and on the internet.


The right technique to have fun brushing

Children and infants find it easier to have fun brushing their teeth if they have a pattern to follow. The COI technique is a brushing technique that children can easily remember. First the chewing surfaces are brushed, followed by the outside surfaces and inside surfaces of the teeth.

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