Questions and answers about Junior Karex

Our tooth enamel consists almost exclusively of hydroxyapatite. That is why BioHAP (biomimetic hydroxyapatite) is used as an active ingredient in oral care. The highly concentrated active ingredient also serves as a source of calcium and protects our teeth from bacterial acids. Numerous studies prove the benefits of hydroxyapatite in oral care/prophylaxis.

Junior Karex Toothpaste relies on the tooth-related active ingredient hydroxyapatite (BioHAP), which dissolves in the stomach when swallowed.

The formulation of Junior Karex Toothpaste with BioHAP gently but thoroughly cleans the teeth during the mixed dentition phase. Through daily brushing, BioHAP restores tooth enamel extracted by acids and remineralizes the enamel down to deep layers. BioHAP forms a protective layer on primary and permanent teeth, which makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the tooth.

Numerous studies prove its effectiveness: BioHAP repairs enamel with every brushing, minimizing bacterial build-up and effectively protecting against caries.

The Junior Karex Toothpaste is recommended for all children 6 years and older. The formulation and the mint flavour are optimally adapted to the desire of this age group for a toothpaste and to the special needs of children and adolescence in the mixed dentition phase.

During the phase where the set of teeth are changing, the so-called mixed dentition phase, both primary teeth and permanent teeth are present. Both have different characteristics:

  • Dentition and teeth: Primary teeth have thinner enamel, are more sensitive and require gentle cleaning. Permanent teeth are larger and often closer together. In addition, the indentations (fissures) on the chewing surface are larger in permanent molars. Therefore, permanent teeth have an increased risk of caries. Plaque must be removed gently and effectively.
  • Braces: Plaque develops around the braces and often cannot be completely removed. Junior Karex with the active ingredient BioHAP and additional calcium sources prevents caries and protects teeth from harmful acids, even in hard-to-reach places, thus preventing caries. 
  • Gums: When wearing braces and when teeth are coming through, children’s and adolescents’ gums can be irritated, reddened and partially inflamed. The formulation with Allantoin soothes and protects irritated gums.

About 97% of our tooth enamel and about 70% of our dentin is made up of hydroxyapatite. The enamel forms the outer protective shell of the teeth. Bacteria attach themselves to the enamel and produce harmful acids with the help of sugar from food. These acids dissolve the enamel: Caries develops.

Junior Karex Toothpaste contains the tooth-related active ingredient hydroxyapatite (BioHAP), which adheres itself to the tooth during brushing. Through daily brushing, even small defects in the enamel can be repaired by the active ingredient BioHAP and a protective layer is formed on the tooth. This protective layer makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the tooth. Junior Karex Toothpaste with BioHAP thus effectively protects against caries.

Yes, Junior Karex Toothpaste is also suitable for electric toothbrushes. Junior Karex Toothpaste is easy to dose and also works well on smaller toothbrush heads.

During the development of Junior Karex Toothpaste, special care was taken to use only the necessary ingredients. Junior Karex Toothpaste contains BioHAP as the main active ingredient and is fluoride free and free from parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Junior Karex Toothpaste contains xylitol. Xylitol also helps prevent caries.

The active ingredient BioHAP contained in Junior Karex releases calcium during (bacterial) acid attacks. Additional calcium sources protect teeth from demineralization and support remineralization (re-deposition of calcium and phosphate). 

Kinder Karex Toothpaste is specially developed for sensitive baby teeth. It offers gentle cleaning and effective caries protection with BioHAP. In particular, due to the mild formula and its child-friendly aroma, it is suitable from the first tooth and safe even when swallowed. After all, children can only spit out the toothpaste reliably when they reach primary school age.

The Junior Karex Toothpaste has been developed for the different oral care requirements of baby teeth (very thin, sensitive enamel) and permanent teeth (increased plaque formation, especially when wearing fixed braces). The aroma was also specially selected for older children. Junior Karex toothpaste reliably removes plaque without attacking the enamel, additional calcium sources support natural remineralisation and buffer acid attacks. This prevents caries. Allantoin soothes the sore gums during tooth eruption and the wearing of braces (fixed dental apparatus).

The flavour contains menthol. Please consider this if your child is receiving homoeopathic treatment.

No, Junior Karex Toothpaste does not contain wheat and can be used in cases where gluten intolerance is an issue.

Junior Karex Toothpaste does not contain any animal ingredients and is therefore suitable for vegans.

There are numerous publications that confirm the effectiveness of BioHAP in oral care. These include laboratory studies (in vitro), studies with test specimens under oral cavity conditions (in situ) and, in particular, clinical studies with patients (in vivo)  

For further information, you can read the German abstracts or the original studies. You can get an overview from the large number of studies on hydroxyapatite as an active ingredient in oral care, by taking a look at our free study database (registration not necessary).