Questions and answers about Karex Defence Mouth and Throat Wash

Karex Mouth and Throat Wash has physical effects without using alcohol:The minerals (hydroxyapatite) and surfactants it contains inactivate viruses. So it reduces the viral load in the mouth and throat each time it is used. It contains neither ethanol-based nor biocidal active substances, which also makes it suitable for children aged 6 and over. 

Study results obtained in the laboratory and on COVID-19 patients both confirm the effect of Karex Mouth and Throat Wash. This has only been possible on this scale for one other product to date.

In addition to the laboratory results, Bielefeld Hospital has provided the first clinical data proving its efficacy: The laboratory data show that up to 99.999% of the coronaviruses present are inactivated. These results have been confirmed by clinical data. In some cases, the viral load could be reduced by more than 90% in tests on COVID-19 patients.

Speaking, coughing, laughing, singing etc. releases aerosols into the air, which can contain viruses. If the viral load is lower, fewer viruses are spread in the aerosols. This, in turn, reduces the risk of transmitting viruses.

The combination of minerals (hydroxyapatite) and surfactants adheres to the surface of the virus, which prevents the virus from docking onto or penetrating the human host cell. Viruses cannot multiply by themselves, i.e. without host cells, and are therefore inactivated.

Karex Mouth and Throat Wash does not specifically combat certain strains or types of viruses. Instead, the combination of surfactants and hydroxyapatite can inactivate many enveloped viruses. This includes the coronavirus mutations.

The mouth and throat Wash is another component of coronavirus protection and gargling it can be added to the existing measures (social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and ventilating rooms). But it does not replace vaccination.  

However, those who have not been vaccinated can also benefit from Karex Mouth and Throat Wash just as much as those who have, as it is still not certain whether the vaccine also minimises the risk of further transmission of the viruses.