Questions and answers about Karex gelée

Karex gelée is a highly concentrated hydroxyapatite gel with biomimetic hydroxyapatite (BioHAP) and calcium to support and supplement daily oral care. BioHAP consists of calcium and phosphate and is the main component of our teeth.

Karex gelée is suitable for infants, children and adults and may be used as soon as the first tooth appears.

For optimum effect, after brushing your teeth, apply Karex gelée 1 x daily to all surfaces of your teeth using a finger or soft toothbrush (only apply, do not brush) and distribute it with your tongue. For easier application, apply smaller amounts of Karex gelée to your finger/toothbrush several times and distribute them in your mouth. It is best to use Karex gelée in the evenings after brushing your teeth. After applying, we recommend that you do not rinse your mouth out. This helps Karex gelée to work especially well overnight.

Swallowing Karex gelée is safe.

Karex gelée contains various active substances. The combination of these active substances prevents cavities, repairs and strengthens the enamel, protects against acids that cause tooth decay or dental erosion, and reduces sensitivity of the teeth.

  • BioHAP acts as a mineral store. It remineralises the enamel and repairs microfine defects that may cause caries. This prevents cavities right from the start.
  • The highly concentrated active substance BioHAP forms a protective layer on the surface of the tooth. This makes it hard for bacteria to adhere to the tooth and protects the teeth from acids, respectively.
  • Calcium also ensures that caries is prevented.
  • BioHAP seals exposed dentinal tubules and reduces sensitivity of the teeth.
  • BioHAP also reaches areas that a toothbrush cannot reach as easily (interdental spaces). If plaque forms in these areas, BioHAP protects the teeth from acids that cause caries.

Karex gelée has been developed for all those who wish to preserve and protect their teeth.

We especially recommend using Karex gelée for:

  • patients at increased risk of caries, e.g. during orthodontic treatment with fixed braces.
  • people who already have initial caries (precursor of caries with decalcification of the upper enamel layer). Karex gelée is able to compensate for mineral loss and prevent progression of caries. BioHAP is a Calcium-source “on demand”.
  • sensitivities often occurring during or after periodontal treatments, bleaching or professional dental cleaning. Exposed tooth necks are covered and protected with BioHAP. Dentin hypersensitivity is reduced.
  • MIH (chalk teeth): The enamel structure is improved by calcium remineralisation and sensitivity of the teeth is prevented.

Mild discolorations can be visibly covered with a mineral build-up of BioHAP. This often makes teeth look brighter.

Karex gelée has a pleasantly mild lemon flavour.

Karex gelée is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Karex gelée is also gluten-free and lactose-free. The flavour contains small amounts of menthol.

Karex gelée is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The product does not contain any alcohol or other harmful ingredients.

The gentle composition and neutral pH of Karex gelée mean that it can also be used with crowns, bridges, inlays or implant-supported prostheses, as well as with other restorations (e.g. gold crowns).

The white consistency of Karex gelée is due to the main active substance BioHAP. Hydroxyapatite is the main component of our teeth. This is why Karex gelée is white. The consistency of Karex gelée has been specially developed so that the active substances (BioHAP, calcium, xylitol) optimally adhere to the teeth. This promotes remineralisation of the teeth, improves cavity prevention and reduces sensitive teeth (e.g. dentine hypersensitivity).