Questions and answers about Karex Tooth Protection Gel

Karex Tooth Protection Gel is a highly concentrated gel with biomimetic hydroxyapatite (BioHAP) and calcium to support and supplement daily oral care in children and adults. Hydroxyapatite consists of the minerals calcium and phosphate and is the main component of our teeth.


Karex Tooth Protection Gel is suitable for children and adults from the very first tooth.

For optimal effect, after brushing your teeth, apply Karex Tooth Protection Gel once daily to all surfaces of your teeth using a finger or soft toothbrush (only apply, do not brush) and distribute it with your tongue. For easier application, apply smaller amounts of the gel to your finger/toothbrush several times and distribute them in your mouth. It is best to use Karex Tooth Protection Gel in the evenings after brushing your teeth. After applying, we recommend that you do not rinse your mouth out. This helps the gel to work especially well overnight.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel is harmless if swallowed. Due to the similarity with the body’s own tooth mineral, the active ingredient BioHAP is dissolved in the stomach if swallowed and is therefore absolutely harmless.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel contains different active substances. The combination of these active ingredients prevents caries, repairs and strengthens the enamel, protects against acids that cause caries, and reduces sensitivity of the teeth, e.g. chalky teeth (MIH).

  • BioHAP acts as a mineral depot. It remineralizes tooth enamel and repairs microfine defects that may cause caries. This prevents caries right from the start.
  • The highly concentrated active ingredient BioHAP, forms a protective layer on the teeth. This makes it more difficult to adhere to the surface and it also protects the teeth from acids.
  • Additional calcium ensures that caries are prevented while at the same time supporting the remineralization of the teeth's’ enamel structure.
  • BioHAP and calcium also store missing minerals in chalky teeth (MIH), thus reducing pain sensitivity and preventing susceptibility to caries.
  • BioHAP can also reaches places that a toothbrush cannot easily reach (interdental spaces, areas around the brackets in fixed braces). If plaque forms in these areas, BioHAP protects the teeth from acids that cause caries.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel has been developed for all – children and adults – who wish to preserve and protect their teeth and are willing to do more than brush their teeth to prevent caries.

We also recommend the use of Karex Tooth Protection Gel for:

  • People who already have initial caries (precursor of caries with decalcification of the top enamel layer) and a high risk for caries: The mineral loss is compensated and progressive caries is prevented.
  • Children with chalky teeth (MIH): Chalky teeth have less calcium than healthy teeth. Karex Tooth Protection Gel supplies calcium and supports the remineralisation of the teeth’s enamel structure.
  • Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces: Pevents demineralization and neutralizes bacterial acids.
  • Patients after periodontitis treatment, teeth whitening or professional teeth cleaning that can lead to sensitive teeth. Exposed tooth necks are covered and protected with BioHAP. Sensitivity of the teeth is reduced.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel has a pleasantly, mild citrus-mint flavour. It is ideal for daily use.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The gel is also gluten-free and lactose-free. The flavour contains small amounts of menthol.

The consistency of Karex Tooth Protection Gel is due to the main active ingredient BioHAP (biomimetic hydroxyapatite). Hydroxyapatite is the main component of our teeth. This gives Karex Tooth Protection Gel its white colour. The consistency of the gel has been specially developed so that the active ingredients (hydroxyapatite, calcium, xylitol) adhere optimally to the teeth. This supports remineralisation of the teeth, improves caries protection and reduces unpleasant sensitivity, e.g. with chalky teeth (MIH) and reduces unpleasant dentin hypersensitivity. The formation of a protective layer with BioHAP also makes the teeth appear brighter.

Depositing the biomimetic substance BioHAP on the teeth forms a protective layer that makes the teeth appear brighter.

The Tooth Protection Gel thus helps keep the teeth white after teeth whitening or professional teeth cleaning. The gel also reduces sensitivity in teeth that can be caused by these treatments.

Oral care products containing chlorhexidine or tin can lead to yellowish or brownish discolouration of the teeth when used for longer periods. This is not the case with Karex Tooth Protection Gel with BioHAP as its main active ingredient. Quite the opposite actually: Studies show that the teeth appear even whiter and brighter after application.

Karex Tooth Protection Gel can be combined with all other oral care products. We generally recommend a toothpaste with BioHAP for daily oral hygiene. But Karex Tooth Protection Gel can also be combined with other toothpastes.

Yes, Karex Tooth Protection Gel is suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The product does not contain any alcohol or other harmful ingredients.

The gentle composition and neutral pH of Karex Tooth Protection Gel mean that it can also be used with crowns, bridges, inlays or implant-supported prostheses, as well as with other restorations (e.g. gold crowns).