Human enamel is composed of approx. 97% hydroxyapatite. Only very small quantities of fluoride ions can be found in teeth. This is why our KAREX toothpaste and mouthwash contain hydroxyapatite.

Daily toothbrushing with KAREX helps to promote the regeneration of weakened enamel areas and the formation of a protective layer.

Zinc and xylitol have antimicrobial effects and prevent plaque formation. Thus, KAREX offers modern caries protection. Without fluoride. 


Up to now, fluoride has been considered the standard ingredient to prevent caries. Whether it is safe or harmful for our bodies is, however, still the subject of great controversy.

There is now an alternative way to prevent caries, by using biomimetic hydroxyapatite. The latest of many studies proves for the first time in the world that Karex with hydroxyapatite is not inferior to a proven toothpaste with amine fluoride / stannous fluoride when it comes to preventing caries.

Here you can find more information about the current scientific study and the efficacy of KAREX with hydroxyapatite.


More and more people do not want to use fluoride when caring for their teeth: A representative survey conducted by GfK (Growth from Knowledge) shows that 78.5% of consumers would avoid using fluoride in oral care if an alternative is just as effective at preventing caries. *

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And this is now possible. Thanks to KAREX. Do you want to tell us your story about your new-found freedom from fluoride?

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* Source: GfK, February 2018, survey of 1,000 consumers between 14 and 66 years of age