Studies and scientific information

Hydroxyapatite: An established active substance in modern oral care

Clinical study from Japan proves the efficacy of hydroxyapatite in caries prophylaxis

Karex protects the teeth just as effectively as fluoride toothpaste

Biofilm management with hydroxyapatite - effective plaque reduction

A clinical study

Modern biofilm management

“Control without killing”

Hydroxyapatite: Reduction of the bacterial load on the tooth surface

Hydroxyapatite: Remineralisation and repair of initial carious lesions

Also suitable for children

Remineralisation of initial caries (enamel caries) with hydroxyapatite

Hydroxyapatite: Particularly recommended for older people and people with reduced saliva

Effective remineralising effect on dentine

Hydroxyapatite study list

Other positive properties of biomimetic hydroxyapatite

Well-established and clinically proven:

Hydroxyapatite is effective for hypersensitive tooth necks

The textbook opinion: hydroxyapatite reduces sensitive teeth

Clinically proven: lasting short-term effects

Hydroxyapatite remineralises enamel after acid erosion

Modern problems with clever solutions and clinically proven

Enamel repair and treatment of hypersensitive teeth with hydroxyapatite

Dr. Wolff Research

Current review summarises all studies on hydroxyapatite as a component in oral care products

The characterisation of abrasives in toothpastes

The gentle way to prevent caries and periodontitis

The oral cavity as an ecosystem

Demographic development and at-home oral care

Special at-home oral care