Fraunhofer-Institute and Dr. Wolff Research show: BioHAP brightens the teeth

Many dental care products for use at home claim to have a brightening effect. It is striking that many toothpastes in particular have abrasive formulas and contain a high proportion of (highly) abrasive particles with a “sanding” effect. There are only a few known formulas and active ingredients that are non-abrasive, and having a whitening-effect, respectively. BioHAP as a white ingredient in dental care products therefore seems predestined to gently brighten the teeth.


Will BioHAP brighten the teeth after single-use?

Material and methods

In this study, a gel with BioHAP (Karex gelée) was applied in vitro on bovine teeth. A mouth wash with phosphates, which are known as a so-called whitening ingredient, was used as positive control. Water was used as a negative control. After applying the products according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the teeth were rinsed with water and dried. Then a camera was used to examine any change in colour and brightness of the teeth.


The teeth in the BioHAP group were significantly brighter compared to before and compared to the two other groups. The teeth are brighter and whiter after the single use of BioHAP.


Karex gelée with BioHAP brightens the teeth after single use. The brightening effect is significantly better than with other tested non-abrasive products. BioHAP is gentle on the teeth, forms a protective layer and brightens the teeth.

The publication of the study can be found  here.

Source: Sarembe, S., Enax, J., Morawietz, M., Kiesow, A. & Meyer, F. In Vitro Whitening Effect of a Hydroxyapatite-Based Oral Care Gel. European Journal of Dentistry, doi:10.1055/s-0040-1714759 (2020).