Current review summarises all studies on hydroxyapatite as a component in oral care products

The tooth is mainly composed of hydroxyapatite (approx. 97% in enamel and approx. 70% in dentine). Therefore, the use of hydroxyapatite as a biomimetic component in oral care preparations is only logical. This review summarises the many benefits and indications of hydroxyapatite.

Numerous studies prove the efficacy of hydroxyapatite for sensitive teeth and exposed tooth necks. This particulate component is able to adhere to the tooth and seal the exposed dentinal tubules. This seal ensures that no external stimuli (cold, heat, etc.) can penetrate to the nerve. Hydroxyapatite as the main ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes can also effectively prevent erosion, caries and periodontitis. The use of hydroxyapatite showed that the biofilm as a trigger for caries and periodontitis on the tooth surfaces is reduced to the same extent as with CHX. Hydroxyapatite is a biomimetic alternative to CHX. Clinical studies could show that hydroxyapatite is a versatile ingredient in at-home oral care.

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