Demographic development and at-home oral care

A look at demographic development in Germany shows that the population is getting older. At the same time, it is evident that people keep their own teeth for longer. From a dental point of view, it is noticeable that more and more problems occur with root caries or periodontitis with age. Preventing these diseases requires adjusted at-home oral care.

Calcium phosphates are mainly used for the remineralisation of possible defects in the tooth. These are effective even with a reduced flow of saliva, which can be a frequent side effect of age. One of these calcium phosphates is hydroxyapatite. In addition to remineralizing ingredients, caring components should particularly be used in at-home oral care. In addition to glycerin, hyaluronan is more and more frequently included as one of these ingredients in toothpastes and mouthwashes. It should also be ensured that these products have a saliva-neutral pH value. If these recommendations are followed, it is very likely that quality of life will improve and oral and tooth health maintained.

The publication of the study can be found here.