The various properties of abrasives in toothpastes

Toothpastes are a highly complex cosmetic product. A significant part of their function is abrasives, a variety of which can be used. However, the focus is on calcium compounds and silica-based abrasives. It should be noted, particularly with silica abrasives, that these can be specifically adjusted by means of various synthesis conditions.

The different abrasives vary mainly in hardness and size. However, a mechanical characterisation is only indirectly possible and is based primarily on in-vitro methods (so-called RDA value). Yet these measurements cannot necessarily be considered significant, which is why an exact RDA value should not be stated on the packaging of oral care products. While the tendency in terms of abrasiveness and cleaning performance can be assumed, other important factors, such as the type of toothbrush and pressure on the teeth when cleaning cannot be simulated in the laboratory. These differ on a case by case basis.

The abrasives in oral care products have undergone continuous further development over the past few years. Modern abrasives are both gentle on the tooth and show good cleaning performance.

The publication of the study can be found here.